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Sandy Rabinowitz horse logo fine artwork and gifts for horse lovers.

Sandy Rabinowitz is a master equestrian artist, illustrator and sculptor.
She illustrates exquisite equine portraits, greeting cards, horse coloring posters, her visionary dressage Dream Riders, and wire horse sculptures.

Sandy's Wire Horse Sculptures merge line and 3d form as she expresses the fiesty moods and gestures of these magnificent maned creatures. Watch her demonstrate her wire sculpting process on Youtube.

Greeting Cards

Equine Paintings

Dream Riders

Horse Posters

Pet Portraits

Available for purchase
Equine Greeting Cards ~ beautiful line art, themed, holidays and more, (10 in a set)
Horse Portraita ~ watercolor paintings (just send us a snapshot)
Pet Portraits - commissioned watercolor paintings
Horse Posters ~ with hundreds of horses you can color in yourself!
Dream Riders ~ a visionary series based on Dressage
Wire Horse Sculptures ~ 3d linear sculptures of horses in a variety of active poses, copper wire. Commissions accepted.
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141 Handy Road
Hamden, CT 06525
email: sandy@sandyhorse.com